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Six years ago, while studying the sacred sites of our earth using Google Earth Maps, I discovered a beautiful native face 1,900 feet in length, in a valley between two blue hills in Southern California. In that profound moment I awakened to my own sense of responsibility towards, what Thomas Berry calls, the ‘resacralizing of nature.’

“We need not a human answer to an earth problem, but an earth answer to an earth problem. We stand at a defining moment in history, one in which the earth itself calls out to us to embark upon a ‘resacralization’ of nature, a new ecological beginning.”Thomas Berry, Historian, Eco-theologian and Priest

These great landscapes from all around the world reveal beautifully detailed sculptures. The only means of truly comprehending the magnitude of these treasures is from a perspective, thousands of feet above the planet. And, it is through the generosity of Google Earth that we now have access to satellite viewing of these majestic landscapes.

Shawn LaSala-Kimmel

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